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DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essentials 03 (3 Step)
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Crafted for Versatility

Whether you're creating infectious dancefloor grooves, atmospheric melodies, or intricate rhythms, DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essential 03 Sample Pack provides the essential building blocks. Perfect for producers seeking authentic Afro House vibes while exploring the boundaries of electronic music genres.

Elevate Your Productions Today

Unleash the power of Afro House and Tech with DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essential 03 Sample Pack. Elevate your productions, captivate your audience, and journey into the realm of rhythmic euphoria. Get ready to make waves in the world of electronic music.

You get:

390mb (Unzipped), 437 Files, 41 Folders (Organised Well)

One Shots: 

01 Drums: Kicks (20), Snares (20), Claps (20), Crashes (10), Closed Hats (13), Open Hats (12), Rides (9), Rimshots (10), Toms (11)

02 Percussions: Shakers (25), Woods (20), Steels (18), Tambourine (16), Hits (11), Congas (25), Mixed Percs (22)

03 Instruments: Bass (5), Keys (6), Synths (11), Plucks (5), Guitar (6), Chords (6)


01 Drums: Full Drum Loops(10), Top Loops (7), Shaker Loops (13), Percussion Loops (10)

02 Instruments: Bass (6), Synths (34)


Midi File(27)

Fills & Transitions

Fills & Transitions (8)


Impacts (5), Risers (5), Downlifters (5), Misc Fx (5)

You will get a ZIP (317MB) file
DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essentials SP 02
On Sale
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Introducing Afro House & Tech Sample Pack 02 By DJ Odyccy – Unleash the Rhythmic Essence of South African 3 Step!

Dive into the pulsating beats of the South African 3 Step sub-genre with DJ Odyccy's latest creation, the Afro House & Tech Sample Pack 02. This meticulously crafted sample pack is a treasure trove of authentic sounds, delivering a unique fusion of Afro House and Tech elements that will elevate your music production to new heights.

Explore the Depths with One Shots:

Embark on your sonic journey with a diverse collection of one shots, meticulously curated to capture the essence of 3 Step. From powerful kicks (21) to snappy claps (22), vibrant snares (23), and a spectrum of percussion elements, including shakers (23), congas (21), and tambourines (16), the One Shots category is your gateway to the heartbeat of Afro House & Tech.

Dive deeper into the groove with a selection of bass (06), keys (06), mallets (05), synths (07), and guitars (07) – each instrument meticulously recorded to bring authenticity to your compositions.

Mesmerizing Loops for Unparalleled Vibes:

Let the rhythms flow with a rich array of drum loops, including full drums (05), tops (11), and percussion-driven stems (38) that will infuse your tracks with infectious energy. Elevate your compositions with instrument loops featuring basses, synths, strings, chords, pads, plucks, leads, and brasses (45) – ensuring a diverse sonic palette for your creative endeavors.

Seamlessly integrate dynamic drum fills (10) into your arrangements to add dramatic flair and fluid transitions, giving your tracks an organic, live feel.

Unlock the Power of Midi and FX:

Harness the creative potential of Midi (15) files, providing you with the flexibility to customize melodies, harmonies, and rhythms to suit your artistic vision. Elevate your productions with a curated selection of impactful FX, including impacts, risers, and downshifters (29), designed to add dimension and excitement to your soundscapes.

DJ Odyccy's Afro House & Tech Sample Pack 02 is not just a collection of sounds; it's a portal to the heart of 3 Step, offering producers a unique opportunity to infuse their music with the rich, vibrant spirit of South African rhythms. Elevate your productions with this essential toolkit and unleash the power of Afro House & Tech in your next masterpiece.

You will get a ZIP (371MB) file

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